Becoming a Whole Mother

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…this workshop Dr. Kristie Karima Burns talks about how mothers and children can manage and thrive in a situation of “single motherhood” (no matter how that status came about – either by divorce, death, long trips away from home, etc…). She shares wisdom she has gathered from experienced mothers over the past 16 years as well as a simple” mandala project” that can be done to help you become the best mother you can be. This video is packed full of wisdoms, tips, information and activities. This video is one hour and 11 minutes long.


This video was taken during the “Becoming a Whole Mother” workshop at the “Mothering and Spirituality” Conference in Saramento, CA in April 2011 (See: Waldof in the Home for more information). One participant said, “This workshop with Dr. Burns transformed my life as a mother. – SK” During… 

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  1. RaShaunda Lugrand


    I have been looking into this curriculum for quite some time. I want to know if I enroll, are these classes independent of the life time package or are they included. I am interested in becoming a Waldorf teacher, but would like a better understanding of the options this program offers.

    Thank you!

    • thebearthinstitute

      Welcome RaShaunda! Yes, all the videos, including this video seminar are included in the Lifetime Package. Also included are all the additional teacher support materials which are used by many Waldorf teachers, teacher’s assistants, and Waldorf schools around the world.

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