Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level 2

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This purchase includes: 3 ‘level 2’ videos and one PDF with tips and stories. These videos are exclusive to Earthschooling and cannot be found on any other website.

The skills the teacher learns in this three-part video set will be used in all grades. In addition, instructions for modifying the drawings in the videos are included so you can create endless variations on each picture. Specific topics cover drawings that can be used in kindergarten, first grade, second, third and fourth grade. Topics covered include: the human form, the color wheel, advanced landscapes, and drawing fables and animals.  

Each video in this series is a different length: Tutorial Two (has three videos)

PDF Guide
#1: 15 minutes, 44 seconds
#2: 19 minutes
#3: 16 minutes, 11 seconds

In Level Two the teacher and student will learn about:

  1. How a child’s drawings of the human form evolve
  2. Creating human gestures and what they are
  3. How to use shading, gestures and proportions to create moving human forms
  4. How to create scenes with human forms
  5. Discussion topics for the human form
  6. How to create a Waldorf color wheel picture using blending, darkness & light, order or color, choice of color, & space.
  7. How to create fire, flames and sun scenes
  8. How to harmonize colors on a page
  9. How to create water gestures
  10. How to add land formations, land and rocks
  11. How to create cloud and wind gestures
  12. How to create trees & mountains (advanced)
  13. How to harmonize between colors, elements and images
  14. Adding details to a landscape like rainbows
  15. How to create the animal form using gestures color, shading, form, curves & lines
  16. Using positioning techniques to add more than one figure to your pictures
  17. Adding roads and walkways to your pictures
  18. The art of layering to add perspective
  19. The creation process and how long each picture should take
  20. How to add highlights to add interest and depth

This video also comes with five stories and a PDF outline with a list of skills, exercises, techniques and extra tips and ideas. This video set comes free with your purchase of the Family Lifetime Curriculum Package or the Teacher Support Package. You can see a short sample here:

Block Crayon Tutorials: Level Two: Sample