Earthschooling Members Only: Waldorf Teacher Support Complete Package

USD $325.00

NOTE: This Teacher Support Package can be purchased alone. However, it is also INCLUDED in the Lifetime Family PACKAGE (not the less expensive core bundle) found HERE. The price for this package will be increasing on March 15th due to the addition of 54 new books. Earthschooling now owns exclusive publishing, copyright, and distribution rights to all Golden Beetle Books. See details on the new books HERE.

Have you been enjoying the teacher support videos in your grade? Would you like more teacher support? This package contains ALL the wet-on-wet watercolor videos, ALL the block crayon videos, ALL the chalk drawing videos, ALL the Eurythmy for Teachers videos and so much more (see full list at the link below) This complete set will be a cornerstone of support for you on your Waldorf-inspired journey! You only have to purchase it once and you can use it through your student’s high school years. PLUS you receive all the updates we make to it every year – for free! Many of these tutorials are only available to Lifetime Members or Teacher Support Members.

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Do you own one or more years of Earthschooling curriculum? If so, you can enjoy this large member discount on this package. This complete package of Waldorf-inspired teacher support materials includes everything on the Teacher Support Page and more (click More Details to see the list or, if you are already on the product page you will see it below) for a total of $586.00 worth  of teacher training materials. However, if you purchase these materials as a package as an Earthschooling member you save 50%! This package is being used by Waldorf teachers, parents and many other teachers around the world. If you feel you would benefit from this package you are in luck because you only need to purchase it ONCE the entire time you are Earthschooling and from that date on you get ALL of the updates we make to this package for free. This package supports you through all your years of Earthschooling.