Exploring the Temperaments

USD $15.00

This is free with the Teacher Support Package (at: https://earthschooling.info/thebearthinstitute/?wpsc-product=teacher-training-complete-package) and the Lifetime/Family Package (at: https://earthschooling.info/thebearthinstitute/?wpsc-product=family-curriculum-package-previously-called-lifetime-membership).


This 90-Minute Lecture from Waldorf in the Home Conference teaches you all about teaching, healing and relating to the different temperaments. You should be able to type yourself and your family after listening to this audio. This comes with a free handout and chart. This lecture is an MP3 and not in video format like most of our other webinars/seminars…

What is the difference between our three temperament webinars?

Determining Their Temperament and Yours: This webinar is focused exclusively on how one can determine the temperament of another person or themselves. It goes into more depth about different challenges people face in this area such as the age of the person, how temperaments can change, how they can be masked, and how they can mimic another temperament.

Organization and the Temperaments: This webinar focuses exclusively on how each temperament organizes their day. It includes tips for teachers and students on how best to organize lessons for each temperament and also includes sample weekly and monthly schedules.

Exploring the Temperaments: This is focused on all aspects of the temperaments and includes a little bit of everything. It includes a bit about what each temperament is like, what their ideal foods are, how to best interact with them, how to acheive balance within the temperament and much more.