First Steps in Proven Geometry

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This is a beautiful introduction to the harmony and wonder of Pythagorean geometry which, to my my way of thinking, is a way of understanding the paths of accurately knowing truths that are present just below the surface of immediate perception. I just love it (and do wish I felt the same way about algebra, honest!).

Schuberth’s presentation is fresh, lively and artistically wonderful. I can’t imagine a student not discovering one thing after another to be interested in and pursue, this is just so packed with the spirit of joyful discovery. Teachers and parents who use it to guide their middle school students along the pathways of geometric proof will be offering them a lifetime of of interest in logic and spatial relationships. This book is a gift.

Author: Ernst Schuberth

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  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Angles in Regular Polygons
  • Triangles
  • The Right Triangle and the Circle: The Theorem of Thales
  • The Rules of the Right Triangle
  • The Principles of Congruence and Basic Assignments Using the Triangle
  • The Important Lines of a Triangle
  • The Platonic Solids
  • Teaching Projection and Shadow Drawing in the Upper Elementary Grades
  • Geometry and Mineralogy
  • Outlook
  • Endnotes
  • Bibliography

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