G9 Embryology and Clay Work

USD $25.00

This set of 2 PDFs and 1 video is a full unit of lessons for the entire high school embryology block. It comes with two PDFs. One of the PDFs is 33 pages long and the second is 39 pages long. They are both rich in content and images for the student and teacher to use for the main lesson book or chalkboard. In total there are over 15 individual lessons for the teacher to teach (or student to read) and instructions for more than 15 assignments for the student to complete in their main lesson book. The video provides a visual for of one of those assignments. The approximate time it would take to complete this block would be 3 months if the student does one lesson a week. However some students work at a faster pace.


This amazing lesson block includes a great video lesson taught by Brian Wolfe on cell division, a zygote, and the formation of an embryo as well as a full lesson block about embryology! Work alongside this experienced Waldorf teacher with your hands to learn and understand the beginning stages of human formation and life, step by step with clay. This is an invaluable learning resource to visualize what a miracle human life formation is in a fully hands-on experience. This lesson block also includes detailed lessons for embryology with drawings, assignments and more.