‘Golden Beetle Books’ Curriculum Package (Preschool to G12)

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By purchasing the Golden Beetle Books book curriculum package now you will have immediate access to each chapter of each book as we type them into the system each day. Alan Whitehead’s original books were all hand-made so no digital copies exist. Additionally, his print editions have been out of print for many years. We are undertaking this project to create digital editions of his work as well as to be able to re-publish all 54 of his books.


Take a peek inside the curriculum package below…

Peek Inside the Golden Beetle Books Curriculum Package

The Spiritual Syllabus Series, written by Alan Whitehead, Rudolf Steiner teacher, is by far the most comprehensive catalogue of the Rudolf Steiner Education program ever published. There are approximately 43 teaching units detailed in each year – each usually taught in the 3-week ‘block’ system (as opposed to ‘period’ teaching) of from 23 to 30 hours. For instance, the Class 3 & 4 Language book below, Logios – Spirit of the Word, the chapter titled ‘The 12 Points of Punctuation” refers to a whole 30-hour unit, as does every other of the 12 or so annotations.

The books cover the four main academic strands of modern schooling. In the spirit of balance so important in Steiner Education, these are Language, Maths, Social Studies and Science. Having these guides will provide you with all the information you need to teach first grade through high school. These guides can also serve as an enriching supplement to your experience using any other curriculum as they provide insights into Waldorf teaching that are unsurpassed by any other publication.

There are 24 books, 6 in each of 4 subject streams.  These provide a full Steiner academic curriculum from Class 1 to 12. Plus there are thirty three other titles by Golden Beetle Books, including A Steiner Homeschool?, and four books by Susan Whitehead, the Baby Beetle Books, for the Under-7’s, as well as 28 General Education titles.

The physical cost to republish these books today is $25.00 to 35.00 per book so purchasing all the books individually would cost at least $1,620.00. This low estimate does not even factor in the cost of re-typing each book, updating and formatting them.

By purchasing this curriculum package now you are guaranteed access to all of the books immediately as we upload them. We already have 14 of the 54 books online.

Physical books will be released over a few years from 2021-2023 as the physical re-publishing process is lengthy. Joining the digital edition package allows you early access to these amazing curriculum guides.

You will be able to read along as we work PLUS, once each edition is published in full you will be sent the official digital edition of that book. As each official digital edition of one book is published, the cost of the book club membership will increase, however you will never pay more.

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The entire collection includes all the curriculum guides listed below:

About Alan Whitehead

ALAN WHITEHEAD has enjoyed a career in Steiner Education for over four decades. He received his teacher-education at GLENAEON SCHOOL under the tutelage of Miss Sylvia Brose. There he was privileged, in 1967, to be one of the founding teachers of Australia’s first Steiner High School, where he was a Class Guardian and Specialist Art Teacher.

He was also a principal founder, and pioneer teacher (of both the Primary and High Schools) of Australia’s second Steiner school, LORIEN NOVALIS, in Dural, Sydney. He was Chairman of the school from its 1971 inception, until he left in 1985. 

As well, he founded and was the Director of the first full-time Steiner teacher-training facility in Australia, the LORIEN NOVALIS COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION. He was also the convenor of RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOLS OF AUSTRALIA – AN ASSOCIATION, the first and  still current national body of Steiner Education, framing the initial policies and principles.

Alan Whitehead now works, with his wife Susan, as an author, social commentator and consultant on Spiritual Science in general, and Rudolf Steiner Education in particular.

6 Books on Language

CLASS 1 & 2
Genii of Language
*Capital  Alphabet *Phonics *Lower Case Alphabet *12 Word Families *Writing of Nature *Foreign Language *Speech Exercises *Word Games *Writing Practice *Reading-Library *Children’s Names *The Steiner School Inspector! *Death of Imagination

CLASS 3 & 4
Logios – Spirit of the Word
*12 Points of Punctuation  *The Story  *7 Sentence Types  *History of Language  *Spelling *8 Parts of Speech  *The Drama *History of Writing  *Vocabulary  *Letter Writing  *7 Types of Thinking  *The Alphabet as Zodiac Signs *The Aboriginal Word *Acronyms *Animal Ears *Orthoepy!

CLASS 5 & 6
Grammatike Grammatikos
*Dictation *History of English *Prosody *Eloquence *Dictionary *Composition *History of Literature *60 Grammar Rules *Reporting & Research *Poems & Poets *The 33rd Tooth *Time to Read *Etymology *Twelve Greek Rhythms

CLASS 7 & 8
Word Circus
*Calligraphy *12 Figures of Speech *The Book *Audio-Visual Media *Print Media *Story Writing  *Language Structure *Medieval Literature *Myth & Legend *Pronunciation *The Reading Myth *Teaching Japanese *Foreign Vocabulary *Exams Debunked *Founding A Steiner High School

CLASS 9 & 10
The Pierian Spring
*Poetry  *Creative Writing *Renaissance Literature *The Epic *Film, Radio & TV *Public Speaking *Age of Reason Literature *Asian Literature 
*7 WORLD LITERATURES – Hebrew,  Arabic, Ural-Altaic,  Celtic, Akkadian,  Mongolian,  The Indias.

CLASS 11 & 12
I Am – Because I Write, Speak and Read
*Theatre *Speech & Poetry *19th Century European Literature *American Literature *The Australian Novel *Communications *20th Century World Literature *Russian Literature *7 INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES: Persian, Greek, Anatolian, Germanic, Latin, Russian, Sanscrit (see The Pierian Spring)

6 Books on Math
CLASS 1 & 2
Journey to Numeria
*Counting  *4 Operations  *The Equation  *Paper Folding & Cutting  *Form-Dynamic Drawing  *Games with Counters  *Money Maths  *Times Tables  *The Algorithm  *Time & Clocks  *Shop *Number of the Creation Woman

CLASS 3 & 4
Archios – Spirit of Number
*Linear Measure *Signs & Symbols *Borrowing *Measure the World *Form-Dynamic Drawing *Time-Speed-Distance *Area Measure *History of Number *Fractions *Man the Measure *Free-hand Geometric Drawing
*Number Systems *Year of the Beast *Seven Life Stages

CLASS 5 & 6
Numero Mystika
*Volume-Weight-Mass *Decimals *Maths in Nature *Geometric Drawing *Finance *Solid Geometry *Ratio & Proportion *Percentages *Maths in Engineering *Geometric Construction *Sets & Patterns *Prime Magic

CLASS 7 & 8
What is X? Why is Y?
*Euclidean Geometry *Algebra  *Economics  *Mechanics  *Maths in Mapping  *Circles & Cycles  *Geometry in Architecture  *Personal Finance  *Logarithms  *Out with Textbooks  *4 Cosmic Curves *Threefold Commonwealth
*The 100,000 Cranes (Geometry Overview) *Blue Chip Lemonade (Finance Overview)

CLASS 9 & 10
Of Pine and Palm
*Trigonometry  *Small Business  *Probability Function *Time & Motion *Astronomy & Navigation  *Australian Economics  *Surveying  *Computers

CLASS 11 & 12
Wheels of Fire
*Projective Geometry *Accountancy *Mechanics *Aviation *Sacred Geometry *Investment *Calculus *Architecture

6 Books on Social Studies
CLASS 1 & 2
The People Pool
*Local Geography  *4 Temperaments  *’Flood’ Stories  *3-Fold Soul  *Ancient India  *Aboriginal Stories  *Regional Geography  *Animal Stories *South-East Quatrosphere *A Sun Curriculum *Seven Atlantean Subraces

CLASS 3 & 4
Lore of Life
*Zonal Geography-History *2-Fold Man Stories  *Ancient Persia  *The Living Land *Creation Stories  *Maritime Discovery  *Building – The Individual  *Ancient Egypt  *Folk Lore *Timetabling

CLASS 5 & 6
Out of Chaos
*Exploration *Society  *Ancient Greece  *Frigid Zone Ecology  *Other Places – Other People *Ocean Studies  *World Community *Ancient Rome  *Gandhi and the 7 Social Sins *Soul of the Southland *Exploring Sacred Places

CLASS 7 & 8
Gaze Both Ways
*7 Continents    *7 Race Migrations   *Age of Chivalry  *History of Play, Games & Sport  *Biographies   *National History 1788 – 1888   *Anthropology  *Medieval History   *Local Government   *Consumer Affairs   *Folk Souls & Group Spirits   *Steiner Education in Japan    *Mending Broken Homes  *Teaching Religion *Mystery Of Good And Evil
CLASS 9 & 10
On Butterfly Wings
*National History 1888 – 1945   *Psychology   *Sociology   *Renaissance & Age of Reason History  *Pediatrics  *State & Federal Government   *Legal Studies   *Fashion  *Birth of Lorien Novalis  *Troubled Teenagers   *Egalitarian Education

CLASS 11 & 12
The Tree of Time
*National History 1946 to Present *Theology *19th & 20th Century World History *Health Care *International Service *Marketing *Military Science *Philosophy *Economic Geography *Education *Community Service

6 Books on Science

CLASS 1 & 2
World Within – Child Without
*Physics Games  *4 Elementals  *4 Elements  *Rock Cycle Stories  *Plant Stories *4 Seasons  *Animal Fables *4 Kingdoms  *Water Cycle Stories *Love of Nature Story *Seasonal Festival Poems *Lesson Preparation

CLASS 3 & 4
Child Awake!
*Light & Colour   *Agriculture  *12 Senses  *Sound & Song  *Plant & Earth *Man & Animal  *Air Stories  *Fire Stories *Torrid Zone Ecology

CLASS 5 & 6
Into Calm
*National Weather *Nature Communities  *Physiology  *Inventions  *Geology  *National Zoology  *Human Reproduction  *Science Experiments  *Plant Physiology *Mountain Magic *New Age of Abraham *Daffodil & Violet – A Floral Play *Primary Desk Design

CLASS 7 & 8
La Pleroma!
*Planetary Astronomy  *National Botany   *Anatomy  *Animal Physiology  *Electrical Physics   *Inorganic Chemistry   *Botanical Classification   *The Petrosphere  *National Ecology  *Timber Technology *Complete Class 1 to 7 Primary Curriculum! *Goodness, Beauty, Truth – The Kindy to Uni. Path

CLASS 9 & 10
A Spiritual Science
*Sound Physics   *Organic Chemistry  *Zoological Classification  *Light Physics   *Nutritional Chemistry   *Physiology   *The Hydrosphere (World Water)   *Ornithology   *The Atmosphere (World Weather)  *Marine Biology *Programming Information

CLASS 11 & 12
Age of the Pale Horse
*Heat Physics *Industrial Chemistry *Microbiology *Regional Geography *Veterinary Science *Maritime Science *Atomic Physics *Pharmacology *Genetics *Conservation *Energy Resources

For the Teacher: Core Studies

An essential overview for those planning a full or part time Homeschooling or Natural Learning program for their child/ren, includes information on:
*History & Structure   *Bureaucracy    *Community   *Family   *Resources & Facilities   *Teachers & Training   *Curriculum & Programming   *Content  *Creativity  *Discipline   *Extra-curricular   *Obstacles   *High School & Qualifications   *The Future   *Childhood Illnesses   *Children’s Drawing as Therapy  *Mixed Ages Teaching

Dear Alan, Thank you for the books. “A Steiner Homeschool?” has answered everything I’ve ever wanted to know about homeschooling! The books have given me so much inspiration! – Alex Lange, Cannonvale, Queensland, Australia.


Sex and Family Education:
*The Family *Sex Education, Past & Present *Physiology of Sex *Sex as Allegory *Cycle of Life *Art of Sex *Morality of Sex *Heritage of Sex *A Sex Saga *Sex as Spirit *Sex in Evolution *Sex and Babies *A Sex Syllabus *The Under-7s *Funny Side of Sex *Angels of Sex *Tragedy of Sex *Sex and Teachers *Home Birth *Death of a Child *Panning Pornography *Tributes to my Mother and Father

Nutrition Health Hygiene:
*Nutrition in School *Infant Nutrition *The Liver *Diet & Health *Food Psychology *Cereals *Food & Morality *Fluoride in Water *The Common Cold *Tobacco *Soy *7 Soul Spices *Milk *Dried Foods *Bread *On Dying *Sun ‘Protection’ *Longevity *Drugs *Nuts *Apples *Sugar *Edible Oils *Fibre *Pasta *Vitamins

Games Sport Dance Primary & High:
*The Class Trip *Family Fun *Play, Games & Sport *Primary Games *Water Games *Facilities *Ball Games *7 Movement Children *Gymnastics
*4 Temperaments *Bush Games *Field Games *Indoor Games *Equipment Games *High School Sport *Sport Physiology *SCUBA Diving *Martial Arts *Sport’s a Joke! *Fishing? *Clean-up Australia *Hunting?!! *Dancing *Steiner as Sportsperson *Complete Dance Curriculum Class 1 to 7

Primary & High School Music:
*Animal Song Evolution *Spirit of Music *Bird Song & Colour *7 Instruments of the Temple *The Strings *The Winds *The Idiophones *The Percussions *Music Curriculum, Class 1 to 7 *Teacher as Song Writer *Music for Festivals *Aboriginal Song

A Music Score for Steiner Children
A companion book to Horns of Hermes above, 33 SUN SONGS is however a music book, rather than a book about music. These 33 all-original, fully-notated (both melody and chords), songs have been sung in many schools over many years to artistically enliven many lessons, like punctuation, fractions, Egyptian history and weather – as well as the seasonal festivals. Included is explanatory educational/spiritual text for each song; as well as many examples of beautiful childrens’ artwork. Large A4 format for piano and music stands.

A Graded Reading-story Book –
for classroom or home – for children 7 to 13.  All original.   Story material includes: Punctuation; Fables; Nature; Geography; Grammar; Health; Seasons; Foreign Language; Fractions; Farming; History; Celebrations & Festivals; The Spirit Of Shibboleth – A Virgo Vernal Fairy Tale.

Primary Painting Sculpture Drawing:
A year-by-year unfolding of the essence of watercolour painting sculpture and drawing, especially for primary; Class 1 to 7; also: *Spirits of Colour * Class 1 to 12 Painting Curriculum *Physiology of Colour *World & Australian Painting

Pastoral Care and Parenting:
A light-hearted yet serious and practical approach to pastoral care: *Corporal Punishment *Expulsion *Forced Labour *Punishment *Records *Teacher Conduct *The College of Teachers *Uniforms *Smoking *Delinquency *Family Breakup *Nature and Art Therapy *Wise and Foolish Parenting *Humour as Discipline *The Firearms Dilemma *Morality and Story *The Problem of Boring

A Resource Manual on Language
for teachers and carers – and anyone who loves words. Subjects include: *Speech *Humour *The Novel *Names *Mime *Poetry *The Vernacular *St John *The Short Story *19th Century Australian Poetry *Sound & Hearing *Flamer, Tale of an Australian Icon

Evolution of Mankind and the World:
*Numerology *Ancients Saturn, Sun, Moon *Earth *Polaria *Hyperborea *Lemuria *Atlantis *Death & Birth, a ‘Fairy’ Tale *Troy/Ilium Womb of the World *Rudolf Steiner’s 7 Life Stages *A Tribute To My Teacher – Douglas Waugh

 Esoteric Christianity
*4-Season Festivals *Creativity in Education *4 Gospels *Life after Death *9 Choirs of Angels *Ahriman & Lucifer *9 Realms of Inner Earth *Anthroposophy as Esoteric Christianity *The Spirit of Feminism *Halloween *Santa Claus *The Equinoxes *Harvest Festival

*Starting a School *Structure & Admin. *28 Principles of Steiner Education *The College of Teachers *The Class Teacher *Body-Soul- Spirit Overview of Class 1 to 7 *4 Temperaments *Computers in Schools *Storytelling *Full Class 1 to Class 7 Curriculum

*Teacher Education *First Steiner High School *Structure *Teachers *Class Guardian *Students *Qualifications *Curriculum *Religion and Moral Education *Eurythmy *The Future *Steiner and Sexism *7 Planet Personalities *Body-Soul-Spirit Overview of Class 8 to 12 *7 Deadly Sins *Children of Aquarius *Equivalent Matriculation *Full Class 8 to Class 12 High School Curriculum *School Finances

Steiner High School Visual Arts
PAINTING: *Poster *Landscape *Watercolour *Oils *Abstract.
SCULPTURE: *Relief *Wood *Portrait *Stone *Major Work.
DRAWING: *Black & White *Brush & Ink *Commercial *Portrait *Life Drawing. *Art History, Class 8 to 12.

Drama Teaching in Steiner Education, Class 1 to 12
*Verse Plays *Puppet Theatre *Playwriting *Pantomime *History & Geography of Drama *Music Drama *12 Elements of Theatre *Film-making *Dance Drama *Radio Plays *Individual Performance *Dawn to Dusk to Dawn, a Teachers Play

The Spirit in Architecture
*Domestic & School Building *Geography in Architecture *The Spirit in Structure *Architect as Creative Artist *Architectural Acoustics *Feng Shui *Low-cost Building & Landscaping *Area, Site & Materials *Architectural Anatomy *Australian Architecture *Humour in House Building *Architecture in Education, Class 1 to 12 *Geometry to Cosmometry *The Spiritual House *Rudolf Steiner as Architect *Dornach – Home of the Grail Castle

Seven Soul Arts – Mission of the Nine Muses
* Architecture *Sculpture *Painting *Music *Language Arts *Eurythmy *The 7th Art – The Nine Muses: *Melpomene Muse of Tragedy (Physical Body) *Urania Muse of Astronomy *Terpsichore Muse of Dance *Clio Muse of Story * Polyhymnia Muse of Mime *Euterpe Muse of Music *Erato Muse of Poetry *Thalia Muse of Comedy (Eurythmy) *Calliope Muse of Eloquence (Atman).

Memoirs of a Rudolf Steiner Teacher:
The Power of Two – The Rainbow Years – Into The Wind.
The 3-volume story of Alan and Susan Whitehead from their first meeting, to marriage, family and career in Steiner Education. Special emphasis is placed on their formative roles in Glenaeon Steiner School and as principal founders of Lorien Novalis School for Rudolf Steiner Education, both in Sydney, Australia. Three books $48


A Spiritual Science Insight on the Mineral Earth
*4 Rock Elementals *Seven Soul Metals *Twelve Zodiacal Gems *Seven Oceans *Seven Continents *Australia’s Twelve Sacred Places.

A Spiritual Science Insight on the Plant Earth
A companion volume to above.
*A Botanical Christian Esotericism *Sacred Floral Therapy *Seven Sacred Plant Substances *Seven Sacred Spices *Five Floral Foods *The Cryptic Cryptogamae *Seven Planet Plant Influences *Spectrum Plant Signatures *The Four Elements in Botany *Seven Geographic Plant Mansions *An Esoteric Plant Classification *A Local Botanical Garden?

World Zoology in the Light of Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science
A companion volume to above.
*Four-planet Animal Evolution *Twelve Phyla Animal Zodiac *Seven Planetary Vertebrates *Riding The Ethers-World Animal Migration *Africa-The Astral-Animal Continent *Language Of Form In World Fauna *Language Of Movement In World Fauna *The Twelve Zodiacal Mammalian Orders *Australia’s Unique Fauna *A Spiritual Conservation *Saving The Whale *Animal Apocrypha *A Rainforest Odyssey *Spiritual Zoology Of The Americas *Sacred Asian Animals.

Physiognomy in the Light of Spiritual Science – A Study of Man
A companion volume to above.
*Zodiac Physiognomy *Planetary Physiognomy *Whole Body Physiognomy *Skin & Hair Physiognomy *Head Physiognomy *Physiognomy Of Movement *Physical Body Physiognomy *Life Body Physiognomy *Soul Body Physiognomy *Four Temperaments Physiognomy *Physiognomy Of The Ego

Craft – Technics – Practical
“From Play, through Beauty, to Work. This is the Golden Path for Education.” Rudolf Steiner.
108 afternoon Block-lessons from Class 1 to 12. Handicrafts; Fabric-crafts; Woodwork; Metalwork; Needlework; Bushcrafts; Animal Care; Gardening; Cooking & more. Each enhances the Hand-Will faculties in all girls and boys.

“A gathering of flowers” – 50 Poems for Primary
Designed to enhance a diverse range of subjects, including: language, mathematics, social studies, science, drama. art and the four-season festivals. Includes details on the 12 Greek Zodiacal Rhythms, the Seven Metres, and the Seven Speech Styles.