How to Do Beeswax Modeling: Storytelling, Shaping, Complete Tutorial

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In this tutorial teacher Gretchen takes you through the steps on how to use beeswax modeling in the classroom. She talks about the importance of the beeswax, how to handle it, how to shape it, what to shape from it, how to integrate it into the early childhood classroom, how to use it with older children, how to use it with storytelling and even how to use it with reading books. Her ideas are inspiring and her manner is soothing and reassuring. After watching this tutorial you will feel increased confidence in using beeswax in your own classroom or home. As a bonus we have also included “How to Make Your Own Homemade Beeswax” with this tutorial. 

See a sample of one of the videos below. 

Note: This video is already included with the Lifetime Family Curriculum Package, Teacher Support Package and First Grade Curriculum Package

Download Beeswax in the Classroom Sample