Waldorf Storytelling Workshop

USD $22.50

This is some of the feedback from the audience: “I’ve used both already with my children today with great results. I even used my new storytelling skills in Sunday school at church yesterday. I had a roomful of 7-12 year olds who had been so out of control during songtime the chorister was in tears by the end. But when I re-told the story of the lost lamb and the shepherd using some of the simple techniques Kristie taught us Saturday, I had them hanging on my every word. It was so amazing.” – Rachel; “I was really impressed at how well Kristie knows her topics! She spoke without notes and initially canvassed the attendees as to what each one wanted to cover. She deftly moved through the material and answered everyone’s questions in an easy-to-follow manner! She made everything sound SO easy! …Kristie didn’t just leave us there, she carried on to explain how a beginner can work with one of the more advanced styles of storytelling if a particular story is really begging to be told!” – Kimberly B. This video is free with the Teacher Support Package (at: https://earthschooling.info/thebearthinstitute/?wpsc-product=teacher-training-complete-package) and the Lifetime/Family Package (at: https://earthschooling.info/thebearthinstitute/?wpsc-product=family-curriculum-package-previously-called-lifetime-membership).


Includes: 1 PDF and 2 Videos

This 75-minute video from the Home and Hearth Conference in El Paso, TX received rave reviews from the audience and covers “The Five Stages of Storytelling”, “How to Bring a Story Alive” and “Where and When to Tell a Story”. The accompanying lesson plans are designed to get children involved in storytelling and theater. The lessons can also be used all year in the classroom, in an enrichment school or as part of a homeschooling group. Lesson plans include theater games, many plays for children, stories, how to be a story-teller and MORE!  As a bonus we have also included the short video “A Waldorf Storytelling Garden” as part of this package.