Shadow Drawing and Shadow Projection

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This booklet, written by an experienced Waldorf class teacher, describes the importance to children of the experiences they can undergo when their love of drawing is combined with the discipline that comes from doing exacting and precise work. The author deals with the necessary preliminary work in the early classes, which lays a foundation for the study of perspective. He surveys the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade drawing lessons, and then leads the reader helpfully through a series of shadow-drawing and shadow-projection exercises that will clarify a subject area that is often omitted – due to lack of time, a lack of expertise, or to an insufficient understanding of the curriculum.

Some of the topics he covers are:

  • The importance of color perspective being brought into grades 1-3 before linear perspective is dealt with
  • Whole body movement in the Form Drawing lessons is an essential support to special experiences in drawing.
  • Geometry in movement is a vital 5th grade step towards flexible thinking and the ability to predict an outcome.
  • Inner visualization is an exciting way to prepare for the 6th grade shadow drawing and projection lessons.

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Sample of “Shadow Drawing and Shadow Projection” by Waldorf Teacher, Colin Price

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