The Little Series: Working with the Dead

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This is a beautiful book and a fitting companion to Volume 1 (Spiritual Insights) of WECAN’s Little Series. Joan Almon’s Preface to Working with the Dead really says it all:

Since the following passages were written, Helmut von Kügelgen crossed the threshold of death. On 25 February, 1998, at age 81, he experienced his birth into the spirit lands he loved so dearly. Less than a year before, at the Whitsun kindergarten conference, he spoke to us with passion ringing in his voice and said, “The spirit is not over there. It is here!” 

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During those days he shared this realization with us several times. He spoke in the spirit of the Gospels which say, “Look not for the realm of the spirit outside yourselves, for it is among you.” But he also spoke as if the veil which usually separates the spiritual world from the earthly had grown thin and translucent for him. The spiritual was now ever-present for him. Over the years we had watched his body grow frailer while his spirit grew stronger. he had prepared himself well for his journey into the spiritual world.

This booklet, along with the others he so lovingly compiled in the “Little Series,” is being made available to the English speaking world both in memory of his service on the earth and in recognition of his continued activity in the spiritual worlds. The work such a soul performs on behalf of humanity does not come to an end with so-called death. It continues on, and we are privileged to work with him – and with the legions of others who are active on the other side of the threshold. We can be grateful that in this booklet Helmut von Kügelgen compiled such riches from the work of Rudolf Steiner to show us the way to work with those who have died to the earth but who are born into the spiritual.

Joan Almon Easter, 2000

I would like to add that Helmut von Kügelgen gathered these excerpts specifically with the work of the Waldorf teacher in mind. He included a personal letter to teachers, mothers, fathers and colleagues in the kindergarten by way of introducing the pedagogical intent of Working with the Dead.

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