The Little Series: Christmas

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These little books created by Helmut von Kügelgen are just amazing – each and every one of them was compiled with an eye toward the soul needs of teachers. The outcome is that each and every one of them carries within it such warmth, such heart-opening goodness, such hope and love, that they meet not just the needs of teachers, but of all of us.

Christmas is densely packed with meditations on the meaning of the seasons, the Gospel stories of Christmas, prayers and verses of resounding simplicity and richness, even a St. Nicolas celebration for children by von Kügelgen makes an appearance.

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The tenderness and depth of Christmas is of a nature that extends well beyond a time of year — as, in fact, the original Christmas has done.


  • How to Work with This Booklet
  • The Four Different Accounts of Christmas in the Gospels
  • Universal Verse for the Earth
  • The Gospel of St. John
  • The Christmas Conference 1923/1924
  • Christmas Verse
  • Verses from the Calendar of the Soul
  • The Etheric Body as a Reflection of the Universe
  • Wisdom, Power and Love
  • In Praise of Love
  • The Armour of God – Verse by Angelus Silesius
  • Universal Verse for Our Earth
  • Freedom and Peaceful Collaboration
  • Isis, Sophia and Maria Unified in Love through the Child
  • Forces of Child and Forces of Eternity
  • The Birth of Christ in the Human Soul
  • The Christ-Impulse throughout History
  • Peace on Earth
  • Summer and Winter/New Year’s Eve and the Holy Nights
  • Verses by Angelus Silesius
  • The First Gift
  • The Nicholas Messenger
  • Apocalyptic Advent Gospel – Gospel Texts for Advent, Christmas time, Epiphany and Beyond

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