The Little Series: Love

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To read this powerful little book is to enter a space of quiet, calm reassurance; of peaceful strength. Just what all of us need to walk through our lives with warmth and uprightness. Thank you, again, Herr von K├╝gelgen!


  • Words for teachers
  • We found a path
  • Ideas – Vessels wrought from love
  • Love born from understanding…

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  • Michael and the love for the outer world
  • Truth wrought words
  • Harmonious cooperation is grace
  • Love and trust – Moral impulses for the future
  • Devotion to the outer world is love
  • Love and harmony – Couldn’t it be so?
  • Spatial barriers separate and protect us
  • Where I direct my gaze
  • To be free means to be able to die – To be able to love means to be able to live
  • Love – Memory – Freedom
  • The third realm of evil
  • The teacher’s prayer and a leaven in social life
  • Memory and Love
  • Spiritual freedom and love of the deed

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