The Midsummer Mouse – Midsummer Tales of Tiptoes Lightly and the Summer Queen

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The Midsummer Mouse is a summer tale, full of midsummer mirth, misadventure, mystery and delight.  It will bring sparkles to children’s eyes, and laughter to adults, too.  Suitable, as always, with Tiptoes Lightly tales, for family readying from kindergarten through age 10 or so.

Author: Reg Down

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The sun is rising higher into the sky every day.  Summer has come and Farmer John builds a great pile of wood for the Midsummer’s Eve festival taking place on his land.  Tom Nutcracker and June Berry’s whole school is coming to celebrate.  june Berry forgets a basket (with a cookie inside) by the oak tree when she is helping her dad build the wood pile.  A small detail to us, perhaps, but one which leads Jeremy Mouse on a merry dance as Jemima mouse tries to preserve the cookie for the festival.  meanwhile, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are not opening their door to anyone other than Tiptoes (and even then reluctantly). Their beards, it seems, are entangled.  Hopelessly entangled.  This sends Tiptoes all over the forest to find a way to get pine resin out of beards.  Then there is the problem of Ompliant the Elephant.  What are Tom and June to do with him?  How will they keep him out of sight?  But the clever kids come up with a wonderful idea to hide a pachyderm in plain sight.  Finally, the Summer Queen begins to appear here and there, and in the end joins the festival and tells The Tale of Turana before mysteriously vanishing before the crowd.

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