The Tasks and Content of the Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum

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Based on many years of research and consultation, this presentation of the Steiner Waldorf curriculum provides a modern, compehensive overview of what is taught in Steiner Waldorf Schools and why. Over 50 experienced teachers from several countries have contributed to this work. As well as describing the content and methods of the Waldorf curriculum, this book also provides a concise and accessible overview of the educational basis for the Steiner Waldorf approach as well as detailing many practical aspects of school structure and organization.

Author: Edited by Martyn Rawson and Tobias Richter

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The book includes:

  • A summary of the ideas underpinning this education
  • A survey of child development in relation to the curriculum
  • A description of key elements in the Waldorf approach
  • Evaluation and assessment in Steiner Waldorf education
  • Self-management in Steiner Waldorf schools
  • The principles and practice of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education
  • A horizontal curriculum for grades 1-12, with educational criteria
  • A vertical curriculum for each individual subject

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