Twelve Common Misunderstandings About Waldorf Education: Digital Edition

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Experienced Waldorf class teacher Colin Price describes in this little booklet twelve common misunderstandings that many parents have experienced, when approaching this education for the first time. Four of the twelve misunderstandings Colin deals with so helpfully inside these pages are:

  • That Waldorf education does not adequately prepare children for the “real” world.
  • That because class teachers usually stay with their classes for as many as eight years, children may suffer if they do not get on with the teacher.
  • That testing, and other evaluative assessments of progress in learning, is not undertaken with children nor with teachers.
  • That children are at a disadvantage if they have to transfer into or out of a Waldorf school.

“In this little booklet, Colin has assumed the rather large task of thoughtfully and intelligently articulating what lives at the heart of Waldorf Education. By unravelling twelve common misunderstandings, he reveals a different way of looking at the right education of children that engages the imagination, and asks the reader to set aside previously held assumptions.” – Lynn Thurrell, Class Teacher, Merriconeag Waldorf School, Maine, USA

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Sample of “Twelve Misunderstandings About Waldorf Education” by Waldorf Teacher, Colin Price