Waldorf Foundations

USD $25.00



Included: 3 PDFs and 1 Video

This amazing gem of a set includes guidance, recipes, charts and information on the following topics: Storytelling in the Waldorf Tradition, Basic Waldorf Puppet Shows, String Figure Origins, Grammar and Spelling for G3, G4, G5 and Up, How to Knit (video and PDF), The Purl Stitch, Finger-Knitting (AKA Finger Crochet) Basics and Story, Knitting and Weaving Songs and Poem, Knitting Codes, Hand-sewing Basics for Parents and Students, Wet-on-Wet Painting Instructions, The Whole-vs-The Parts in Math, How to Use Fairytales to Teach Science, Ocarina Fingerings, Recorder Fingerings, Musical Notations, The Temperaments, Steiner’s Lecture on the Alphabet, Bread Recipes, Transliteration Codes (for songs), Solstice & Equinox Guide, and Age Appropriate Learning. This also includes the e-books, “Natural Dying Guide” and “Form Drawing Basics”. This set is free with the Family/Lifetime Curriculum Package and the Teacher Support Package.