First Grade Book List

“The children around about seven years should have the concentration to build their own vivid inner pictures when being told a story, and through such imagery will continue learning in the following years. Fairy tales are told by the teacher then retold and dramatized by members of the class. This cultivates the children’s imagination” – From Waldorf 101

Acquire the books below at your favorite bookstore or library or receive a complete set of first grade books FREE with the Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling First Grade Curriculum.*

Heckedy Peg (P)
Audrey Wood
This book might be controversial for some because it is a classic fairy-tale with classic “dark”  fairy-tale motifs: a scary witch turns the children in the story-named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday- into food for her meal.  But much to the chagrin of this witch the children’s mother saves them all by remembering her children by what they want:  “Bread wants butter…that’s Monday.”  When she gives each child its complement they turn back into themselves and the mother chases Heckedy Peg away and the old witch is “never seen again.” I have read this book so often to my children that it is worn out and I have it memorized.  I think this is a very Waldorfy fairy tale because of the motifs found within story.  It has beautiful illustrations, rhythm and repetition.  One of my favorite read alouds.

Knitted Fairytales: The Creation of Unicorns
by Kristie Burns
The first grader is learning to knit this year and this book is the perfect inspiration for them! It is illustrated on every page with an adorable hand-knit unicorn doing a different activity like playing outdoors, chasing a ball of yarn or even knitting with their knitted unicorn friends. The story line talks about how knitted unicorns came to be and can help connect the child with their new knitting projects in a wonderful and magical way! You can purchase the e-book HERE or the printed book HERE. Or you can purchase the set with some yarn and knitting needles as a gift HERE.


*Books with the curriculum may or may not include the community suggested books listed above but they do contain all the books your child needs for first grade as recommended by Waldorf teachers.

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