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The Kindergarten years are the bridge between the family and social interactions of the child…Each day has an artistic activity which creates a soothing weekly rhythm for the child. Activities include watercolor painting, drawing, beeswax modeling, seasonal crafts, sewing and finger knitting. Hearing a fairy tale, acting it out, or seeing a puppet play completes the morning. Capable and loving teachers specializing in education for the early years plan the school life with the child’s special talents and needs in mind. –  – From Waldorf 101

The Brambly Hedge Stories 
By Jill Barklem
These might not be as well known in the States, but I think of them as being very Waldorf. A community of mice live, work and play through the seasons with reverence and celebration, in tune in the rhythm of the year. The full library of 8 stories are “Spring Story”, “Poppy’s Babies”, “Summer Story”, “Sea Story”,  “Autumn Story”, “The High Hills”, “Winter Story”, “The Secret Staircase”. That last is my son’s favorite.
Children of the Forest
Kindergarten, Preschool
Elsa Beskow
Collected Folktales from around the British Isles 
Kindergarten, First Grade
by Winifred Finlay
My favorite is “Folk Tales from Moor and Mountain”, and there’s also “Folk Tales from the North”, “Tales from the Hebrides and Highlands”, “Tattercoats”, “Cap O’ Rushes”, and “Tales from the Borders”. Full of magic, gentry and wee folk, silkies and selkies , witches, mermaids, and seventh sons of seventh sons. I’ll treasure these books forever.
The Day Ocean Came To Visit 
Diane Wolkstein
Using gorgeous, pictorial language Wolkstein tells us how husband and wife, Sun and Moon, decide to find their places in the sky-it is all because they invite voluminous Ocean for a visit!Young children ages 3-8 will love this tale. And older kids and adults will too. I was both surprised and delighted by this story and the illustrations are inventive and gorgeous.

Old Mother West Wind 
Thorton Burgess

Peter in Blueberry Land
Kindergarten, Preschool
Elsa Beskow
A magical story about a boy who wanders off into the forest to collect berries and has a wonderful adventure with gnomes, squirrels and other forest creatures. Or was he really dreaming? Charming illustrations make this book a favorite with children. The relational nature of the story also makes it perfect for preschool children as well as kindergarten children.

Red Clover
by Kristie Burns
This magical tale tells about how the herb red clover came to be. In the process of telling the tale the child learns about ways to use the herb red clover for healing and health. What makes this book even more magical is that it is illustrated with watercolors from Waldorf students in Chicago and their teacher. 

The Snail’s Spell
Kindergarten, First Grade
Joanne Ryder
Ryder is an incredible author for children. The language she uses in her nature stories is rich and alive. In this tale she taps into children’s empathy and imagination by asking them to consider what it is like to be a snail.But despite the clean and visual style Ryder packs a lot of scientific and natural knowledge into a short book. I am very impressed with her writing and her books, especially because I know what appears effortless is often not. Best for ages 3-9.

The Old Turtle
Preschool & KG
by Douglas Wood
This is a marvelous tale respecting the wise old turtle who understand the we people must stop fighting each other and respecting the earth.

The Tale of Tiptoes Lightly
by Reg Down
Tiptoes Lightly lives in an acorn high up in the branches of a Great Oak Tree. One morning she finds a note lying on her floor. It says: “Please help! Bee has lost his Buzz!”. She and her friend, Jeremy Mouse, set off down Running River to help the hapless bee. Mr. Cactus, being extra grumpy, indeed, extra thorny, has snagged Bee’s buzz on one of his thorns. Thus begins the adventure that takes Tiptoes to the house of Pine Cone and Pepper Pot … The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly is comprised of three adventures: ‘The Bee who lost his Buzz’, ‘Pumpkin Crow’ and ‘Lucy Goose and the Half-egg.’ Lavishly and lovingly illustrated by the artist-author, they are humorous, sanguine and droll. They are innocent and magical nature tales, suitable for reading to young children or for young children to read.

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