Preschool Book List

“A toddler longs for rhythm, repetition and activities which feel safe. As a parent, you should continue on your daily rhythm or schedule and then slowly add a child, or two, or three within your daily activity.” –  – From Waldorf 101

Acquire the books below at your favorite bookstore or library or receive a complete set of preschool books FREE with the Waldorf-inspired Earthschooling Preschool Curriculum.*

Pelle’s New Suit
Elsa Beskow
This is a lovely story about the work that goes into making a new suit for a little boy.My 5 and 3 year old love it.

The Story of the Root Children
For children age 3-7 (P)
by Sibylle Von Olfers
A lovely tale of nature and the seasons written from the point of view of the flowers/bulbs that sleep underground and come outduring springtime.

The Story of the Snow Children
by Sibylle von Olfers


*Books with the curriculum may or may not include the community suggested books listed above but they DO contain all the books your child needs for preschool as recommended by Waldorf teachers.

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