Rhythm of the Day

This is one sample of a preschool rhythm.

The Daily Rhythm for Preschool/KG
This was my schedule for the classes I ran as a teacher. My schedule with my own children varies and yours might too. But this gives you a good idea of the thought I put into the rhythm of the day. It helps children if your daily rhythm is very similar every day!

8:30 – Arrival, free play and settle in.
8:45 – Bread shaping (Verse: Call to the Bread Table)\
9:00 Movement and Circle Time (Verse: Call to the Circle)
(Songs, Yoga or Eurhythmy to break up circle, then back to the circle for music time)
9:30 – Set the table and snack time (Verse: Snack time Prayer)
9:45 – Nature Walk (Verse: Let’s Walk)
10:00 – Story time (Verse: Fairies of the Story Time)
10:15 – Craft time for Children (Verse: Come Join our Craft)
10:40 – Mother’s Time/ Free-Play for children in the Waldorf Room
11:00 – Class ends (Verse: Clean-up Fairies)
(Daily Rhythm for Older children is above in the section of age appropriate learning)

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