Rhythm of the Month

Every month we had a rhythm as well as a weekly and daily rhythm. As you look over my lesson plan guides and the vast amount of material I have provided or that you have yourself, you can use a monthly rhythm block to help you focus each week. Some things you will want to focus onor a week and other things you may want to focus on for 4-6 weeks. These are called “lesson blocks”. The E-books I sell about woodworking, knitting and other topics are meant to be used as lesson blocks. Various units of study in my lesson plans or in your own lesson plans can be usedas lesson blocks too.

Here is one example of how lesson blocks can work in the month:

Craft Blocks for the Month
Week One: Beeswax Block Crayon Art Technique (Progressive)
Week Two: Waldorf Watercolor Painting (Various Techniques and Color Skills)
Week Three: Felt work Craft
Week Four: Craft
Week Five: Craft

Story Blocks for the Month
Week One: Tell a Story (same story both days)
Week Two: Do a Play
Week Three: Puppet Show Story
Week Four: A Story POEM
Week Five: Read a Book

Science Blocks for the Month
Week One – Four: The water cycle

Math Blocks for the Month
Week One – Four: Basic Math Concepts: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Some teachers/parents work with the more traditional method of using just one-three lesson blocks at a time. You can find out more information about what Waldorf says about blocks by linking to the next article on lesson blocks.

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