Rhythm of the Week

This is one sample of a weekly rhythm.

As well as having a different activity assigned to each day, I also had a different theme I would meditate on as a teacher each day. Sometimes I would share this theme with the children and sometimes I would just focus on finding ways to enrich that theme through the day.

Weekly Awareness Plan
I would call this a meditation plan but the truth is that sometimes I would just think briefly about the topic of the day and would be inspired by that brief thought the rest of the day. Other days I would sit and reflect on the topic in more detail and depth. Keep in mind that these were themes for ME, the teacher to reflect on each day and this list came from MY ideas of what I wanted to bring to the children and what I felt was important to them. You need to make your own awareness plan or you can use mine to start out with.

From “The Seven Laws of Spiritual Parenting” By Deepak Chopra
For details on what each one of these means you can refer to the book.

Monday: We are all here for a reason – finding ways we are special and unique
Tuesday: There is potential in everything – find ways nature shows potential
Wednesday: Giving – the more you give the more you receive
Thursday: You can change the future – show ways that choices you made have helped
Friday: Work can be fun – don’t fight life
Saturday: Intention and wishing can be powerful tools
Sunday: Enjoy life – detach in some ways and feel balanced about the good and bad.

Character Building Daily Themes (These are not specifically Waldorf. We chose these themes. You can choose your own themes according to your families spiritual and/or religious views)
Monday: Harmony & Developing Balance
Tuesday: Mindfulness
Wednesday: Being of Service
Thursday: Fostering Self-Reliance
Friday: Appreciating Beauty
Saturday: Nourishing Compassion
Sunday: Creating Joy

Weekly “Special Days”
There are some things that you don’t need or even want to do every day. When this is the case, it is best to put these things on a weekly rotation so there is still a sense of rhythm, in the child’s life. Here is a sample from my old school:
Monday: Introduce our new story or stories
Tuesday: Make a special bread (the rest of the week we make plain bread)
Wednesday: Spanish lesson
Thursday: Cook lunch together
Friday: Field trip or longer nature walk

Adult Rhythms
You can also create rhythms like this for the classroom or house itself so that you – the teacher, can stay on schedule! Here is an example of mine:
Monday: Shopping for home & class & business
Tuesday: Clean pet cages
Wednesday: Clean the bathrooms
Thursday: Sweep the floors & Scrub
Friday: Organizing day

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