Supply Lists

The Earthschooling curriculum comes with all the books and lessons (digital editions) you need for teaching each grade. All you need are some physical supplies like pencils, crayons, and paper! The supply lists for each grade below are recommended lists only. What you will actually need will depend on four things:

  1. What do you already have? What can your children share? You do not need to buy new supplies for each year and children can share supplies.
  2. What kind of Main Lesson Book style do you prefer? Even though we recommend different styles and sizes this is really a personal decision. You can even make them yourself! Many Waldorf teachers actually have their entire class make their own books using paper, a hole puncher, and yarn. I always used the ‘blank on one side-lines on the other side’ style for almost everything. It was our favorite. However, there are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.
  3. What can you get locally? You don’t need to order yarn if your local farmer sells hand-spun wool and yarn. Or perhaps a relative or friend has a bunch of un-used skeins you can have? I certainly have a quite a few I’m not using right now! It doesn’t hurt to ask around.
  4. What can you make? You can make your own watercolors, main lesson books, crayons, and much more. Decide which items you want to make and which you want to buy.


Preschool & Kindergarten Supply List First Grade Supply List General Second Grade Supply List Third Grade Supply List  Fourth Grade Supply List Fifth Grade Supply List Sixth Grade Supply List Sixth & Seventh Grade Supply List Eighth Grade Supply List Ninth Grade/High School Supply List
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