The Journey of Analise

Don’t forget to listen to The Journey of Analise this year with your children.

This is an original story created by me and is told in 10-15 minute
“chapters” each day for the 24-26 days leading up to Christmas (flexible start time). It was originally part of an Advent story chain (read a new chapter each day instead of opening a window on the box OR to do while you are opening a window on your Advent box). However, this is a secular story so it can be adapted to any culture or religion and is also a perfect story for the New Year as it follows the adventures of a little girl as she travels through the four seasons or “four temperaments”. So if you don’t have time to listen in December you can listen in January or any time of year. This is also the perfect story to teach your child about the temperaments, the gifts each person has and how we can get along and understand each other better.

You can order the E-book and MP3 set HERE

You can download a sample HERE

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