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Update: We are currently working on updating the prices we have on this page. Last time we updated it was less expensive to print with the online services than it was to print at home. The pandemic has raised printing costs so now it is less expensive to print at home (but once you print you can take it to any print shop and get the papers bound for less than $10.00). If you are unable to use a tablet then I recommend using a 3-ring binder and home printing for many reasons. I also recommend printing only three months at a time at the most.

This page will be updated continuously as students share their experiences and “tips” with us. If you need immediate tech support please use the Facebook group page for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute or post a question to the Yahoogroups for Earthschooling or The Avicenna Institute. Do not use e-mail for tech support questions. However, you may find the FAQs page helpful before you post to the forums. Other students, members and our staff answer questions on the forums 24-hours a day.

Note: You can ONLY print online materials (from most websites, not just ours) if you download and save the item to your computer first. We do not recommend trying to print directly from an online display or document. Please DOWNLOAD your document first and then print from the download.

One thing people quickly realize once they purchase their electronic device is that some things still need to be printed. So how can you do this economically AND efficiently?

How to Print Online Materials How to Use Online Materials

Note: We do not recommend printing more than one year at a time. We update some of the curriculum every year so if you print for next year now you will have the old version. In fact, we recommend not printing more than one season at a time (three months) for the same reason. We are updating and posting updates all year round.

Recommended Method of Printing 

* Print only the pages you need

* Print on “draft printing”

* Do not print color

* Print at home

Estimated Cost

From 15 cents to $1.00 per e-book or lesson block 

$2-3.00 for the average monthly planner book (most are around 100 pages)

 $3-5.00 for the largest (260-430 page) curriculum book

Advantages: You can budget your printing by printing only the blocks you are working on. You also avoid printing materials you may never use if you change your mind about what you want to teach or when you want to teach it later or find out your child does not need that lesson block, etc…

Alternate Method of Printing 

*Print lesson blocks or entire grades at once

*Use our recommended printing service

Estimated Cost 

From $1.17 to $3.00 per lesson block or e-book 

$3.50 – 4.50 for the average Monthly Planner Book (they average about 100 pages)

 $8.97 to $19.50 for the largest (260-430 page) curriculum book

Advantages: If you are printing only one or two smaller e-books and lesson blocks you can use the self-service at Staples or another photocopy store. It is not worth the cost to do it online and have it shipped to you for the smaller books so this requires you run an errand. The only advantage is that it does not require a printer and can be bound professionally. If you have larger files to print or want to print many e-books or lesson blocks at once it is easier because all you need to do is upload the PDF and enter your shipping information. The printed material will be bound for you and sent to your address. Shipping IS INCLUDED in the price if you use the recommended and very economical service HERE (

Another member also suggested using, which she uses.

More Examples of Customers Printing the Curriculum

Other Customer Suggestions

Homeschool Printing Company

What Do Other Members Do?

Amy Williams says, “Hello! I know sometimes people have questions about how/where to print their curriculum. I wanted to share that I found a helpful tool for merging PDFs. When I print with homeschool printing company I get my my PDFs spiral bound. There is a fee for each binding so I merge my PDFs for a particular grade and subject and can remove extra intro pages I do not need. I have been using “PDF Shaper Free”. It downloaded onto my computer and then I can edit what I need to inside of it.”

Kristie added, “I use PDF Toolkit + on my Mac when I want to combine PDFs together.”

A member posted the following question to the forum this week: Hi all. Im after suggestions on how you print and use the curriculum. If you use the monthly planners do you print out the whole month? Or just bits? Or not at all?? I like having hard copies. I just find it helps me plan better. It’s just a whole lot of printing and I’m wondering if I’m going about it the wrong way by printing out each month. – Jasmine

These were the replies…

I print the whole month. I use generic inks I buy online and also purchased a basic binding hole cutter machine and the spiral bindings. It’s very simple but a binder and 3 hole punch would also work. I like to write notes etc in my printed copy. Some of the months have duplicate introductions you could omit. – Romana

I just print out the weekly plan pages even if we don’t do everything way it’s laid out it helps me to see it next to my calendar. then I use our little Android tablet for the stories and activities. – Kaylee

Also try printing two pages to a sheet . The print is smaller, but it saves a lot of paper and ink. – Kelly

…What I use, I print out and have spiral bound. It cost about 3 for each one. Like for next year I printed the stories for arts and crafts. Then took it to Staples. – Tammy


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