Vocabulary of a Healer

It is so very important as healers that we use precise vocabulary for so many reasons. Some examples are:

1. We need to remember we are recommending and teaching and NOT prescribing medicine. To use improper terminology here is misleading.

2. When we give clients instructions on how they can enjoy herbs we need to be sure to use words like “steep” instead of “soak”. “Soak” can imply that it be done for a very long time and herbs that are soaked for more than 15 minutes can become bitter or too strong.

Here is another example that will help your communication with your client. This is from a student exam today:

9. The reflex therapist is mainly concerned with prompting the body to behave in a better manner.

In a more balanced way or in a more efficient way. In healing we need to stay away from using words that are non-descriptive like “better” or “nice” or “good” or “bad” unless we can also provide a reference point for these words. I would need to know how the body was behaving before to be able to use the word “better”.

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