Welcome to the Woodland Wonderland Exhibit. 

The opening night for this exhibit online was Saturday, October 14, 7pm CST. To see the Q & A from opening night click HERE.

Welcome to the Woodland Wonderland Exhibit! I hope you enjoy the experience. Simply click on a photo below to begin and then click to the next photo until you finish the exhibit. If you wish to purchase any prints you can click on a print to be taken to the purchase page. To see the interview WHO 13 did with me about the original exhibit click the video player below.

Channel WHO 13 Interview with Kristie Burns

This exhibit is an expansion of the exhibit I did in May 2017 at the Des Moines Botanical Center called, “A Trip Through Wonderland”. During that exhibit I enlarged these prints to be “human size” so the person walking through the exhibit could feel like they had shrunk and entered a magical world – much like as in Alice in Wonderland. The purpose of that exhibit was to produce something etherial and magical. The prints were done on Canvas and the focus was on color and image rather than sharpness and portability.

Read an article written about the exhibit HERE.

Sometimes the galleries below may show as “Under Construction” when being updated. If you have come here to buy a print and cannot enter the galleries you can use the purchase page HERE instead.

Purchase Photo Prints

This exhibit allows you to experience those same prints (and more) in their full vibrant color and to own one in any size you choose. 

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