Waldorf in the News: Importance of Music, Circle Time & Verses

Waldorf Principle Explored: Singing in Waldorf Education

Singing is an integral part of Waldorf education. One does not need to have a musical voice to participate in this activity. Verses are used for circle time in the morning, music lessons in the afternoon and, in early childhood, verses are often used to introduce a lesson or to transition from one activity to the next. This daily activity is not only beneficial to the student’s development but also to their health. The article below explores the connection…

Research by Imperial College London, University College London and the Royal College of Music

Singing in a choir boosts the immune system and even helps the body fight cancer, according to research.

Scientists found that just one hour of singing significantly increased levels of the immune proteins that the body uses to battle serious illnesses including cancer.

Experts have long known that singing improves mood.

But the new research, conducted by scientists at Imperial College London, University College London and the Royal College of Music, found that it also has a profound impact on the immune system.

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