A Surprising Wrinkle Remedy

If I could give everyone just one health tip I would choose to say, “deal with the issue before it becomes an issue”. So many health problems in our lives start out as little ‘hints’ – perhaps just a stomach ache or a headache now and then. If left unattended these small issues can become bigger ones over time.

Once something has settled into the body it is much harder to deal with. It is like the difference between tearing down a camping tent and a house. If you go camping for one night and want to tear down your tent in the morning it is very easy. However, if you build a home in that same area and then want to tear it down a year later you will probably need to bring in some experts with heavy machinery to help!

This principle may be difficult to image when it has to do with something happening on the inside of your body. However, the principle is very easy to illustrate when it comes to a surface issue everyone will experience eventually in their life – wrinkles!

The most successful wrinkle solutions start when a person is in their teen years – with good skin care, regular moisturizing habits, restful sleep and daily or weekly relaxation of some sort. However, even if you didn’t start in your teen years you can still use this wonderful remedy any time.

1. Do this in the morning and before sleeping

2. Put two slices of lemon in a wooden bowl (must be wood).

3. Heat some half and half to cover the lemons

For oily skin use 3 lemons. For dry skin use 1 lemon and double the half and half.

4. Let this sit for three hours.

5. Strain and massage the liquid into your face and neck with your middle three fingertips. Work upwards and outwards in small circular motions.

6. Let it dry then remove with a little water and olive oil after fifteen minutes.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process! Creating things at home, especially things that smell wonderful, is relaxing – and relaxation is the best wrinkle remedy ever!

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