Ask a Waldorf Teacher: How Can I Share Cultural Stories?

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Question from Member: Tell me the best ways in include world stories, African, Oriental, Native American thoughout the curriculum… children have stories in these areas too! Parents and community share many of these stories with the little people – O.A

Response from Diane: Great question! Here’s how I try to include world stories through the grades (note that Earthschooling integrates many of these into the curriculum already):

G1: Fairy tales and nature stories – Grimm’s is the standard but there are tales from all over the world that could be included here.

G2: “Saints” and fables: Native and African trickster tales, saintly/heroic people from around the world. (I love the Jumping Mouse story! Have also told the story of Wangari Maathai, using the children’s book Mama Miti by Donna Jo Napoli).

G3: The Bible and Jewish folk tales. House building/farming stories from around the world would be a great addition.

G4: Norse myths/Celtic fairy tales & hero stories. Animal stories from around the world. Stories of people who work with animals, such as Jane Goodall. Local geography & indigenous stories from your area.

G5: The Ancient World. Include Buddhist stories, the Ramayana, other Eastern stories. Plant stories from the native peoples in your area/country.

G6: Rome. Adding stories from around the world that would add to the geology/the land understanding. (Volcanos, earthquakes, laying of limestone in prehistoric times, indigenous stories of stones & their importance and wisdom).

G7: Explorers. Ibn Battuta’s story which could launch some tales from the Middle East. Marco Polo and stories from Mongolia. Asian, African, Australian-just about everywhere in the world could be added here. Biographies of world explorers, rulers, poets, scientists, artists, etc.

G8: Revolution/Geography/History. Delve a little deeper and bring these ideas alive with biographies, diaries, journals, film.

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