Ask a Waldorf Teacher: How Long Does it Take to Establish a School Rhythm?

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Question from Member: My boy is 6yrs 8mths. We are in the southern hemisphere and our school year is from middle Jan – early Dec. I started with Grade 1. My question is this: how long does it usually take to establish a “school rhythm” with a child? We have done no formal work before this year and at the moment he seems a bit resistant to try any of work we do in Grade 1. I started with the month of August. I am consistantly doing some work in the morning but keeping it very short 10 – 15min. – E.S.W.

Response from Diane: Welcome! 10-15 minutes seems very short for morning work. Is he interested/excited about learning to read or learn math?

Perhaps you can expand your morning work by 10 minutes every week or so. Have you introduced knitting or flute? Beeswax or painting? These activities could be brought with your morning or after a snack break.

Let me know how things have been working.

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