Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Are Curious George Books OK for a Waldorf Classroom?

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Question from Member: Hi Diane! Are you familiar with Curious George books? If so how do you feel about them for a 19 month old and 6.5 year old? I’m also wondering about King Arthur and Robin Hood. Would those stories be ok for 6.5? Thanks again!

I am looking for a Waldorf perspective on this. My son especially seems to be very sensitive. I have read only a little about fairy tales helping with the seventh year. He is having a hard time. He is also self over developed academically. I just can’t get him out of his head. It is messing with his soul development. I know he will get there. It just kind of hit me as I was reading stuff off our shelves that maybe it was not the best material for him specifically. Then I started to wonder about what the baby should even hear. I realize it would probably be a lot easier if you knew him and us. Unfortunately we don’t have a Waldorf school nearby. I really appreciate your insight to all my questions because I just don’t have time right now to read through all the lectures. – J.L.

Response from Diane: I think one of the best ways to help him get out of his head is to join him in play, especially outside. Explore, experience, be silly!!!

Curious George stories are fun to hear for both ages. King Arthur and Robin Hood might be a little much to hear at this age.

Fairy tales from around the world, simple nature stories, Henry and Mudge books, Frog and Toad are stories that come to mind. Can you browse at the library to find other books?

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