Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Creating Reverence

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Question from Earthschooling Member: Hi Diane! Can you please give me any hints on how we can work on creating reverence. I come across this word very often in the Waldorf books and lectures, but I just don’t know how to approach this massive task in the daily life. – Natasha L.

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: Good evening, Natasha! Reverence is a quality that has been disappearing from daily life and saved only for special people or occasions. To bring this quality to your family, I think the very first thing to do would be to slow down and be present – that you place your attention on the people with you and the activity that is unfolding before you. Things may take longer, fewer tasks may be accomplished, but it can transform your life. How do you begin? Find the points in your day that you could consistently pause and mark the time – with a song, a verse, a prayer, a dance… something to greet the day, give thanks for the food that you eat, and close the day. As this becomes part of your daily life, look for other points in the day where you could add other pauses – with lessons, naps, cooking, cleaning, assisting others, observing and interacting with the natural world….it’s up to you how deep you would like to delve into this practice. Best wishes!

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