Ask a Waldorf Teacher: How Can Homeschooling Be Successful with Multiple Ages?

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Question from Member: This is both homeschooling/parenting related:
I have a young large family. This upcoming year I’ll have a 1st grader, 5yo (in October), 3yo, 18mo, and I’m due in August. Advice on how to make homeschooling/Earthschooling most successful and beneficial especially for my 6yo? – L.H.

Response from Diane: Welcome! My first thought is to have a steady, solid rhythm in your home life to assist you in creating a successful homeschooling journey with your family. If possible, spend as much time outside as you can. Start planning for the things you will need – will you have any time to spend one-on-one with the 6yo? Are there other homeschooling families nearby?

There is also an article from the Earthschooling Blog called “Teaching Multiple Ages with a Toddler” here that might help.

Reply from L.H: No there are not….at least not that I’m aware of. I’ll definitely have time during rest time to work with him one on one and still give him rest/quiet time as well. Thankfully, I have notoriously long nappers. I will check out that blog post! Thanks!!

And we’ll also be spending as much time as humanly possible outside…at least until winter. Then, it’s hit or miss with lots of misses here in northern WI.

Reply from Diane: Quiet time and nap time will be a nice time to paint or knit also! Keep us posted as you plan this summer and if you have more questions, please ask away every Wednesday!!

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