Ask a Waldorf Teacher: How Can I Encourage My Child to do Watercoloring?

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Question from Earthschooling Member: I have a 5-year-old in Preschool. We’ve revived watercoloring this month after holding off for a couple of months because it’s not my son’s favorite thing to do. He prefers drawing, not painting. Or if he paints, he doesn’t always want to follow what’s on the story for the week. What can help increase his interest in this activity? Should I just let it go and let him paint whatever he wants? – Rylie F.

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: Hi Rylie! Thanks for your question. What I would do would be have only the colors out that you are going to use. Tell the story as you are painting and enjoy the color. I wouldn’t put pressure on him but allow him to experience the color, the water, and the story.

I would reinforce the dipping of the brush, wiping it on the edge, placing color on the paper without pushing the paintbrush too roughly, dipping the brush in water to clean it between color, etc. In a calm manner. I would only stop him if he was being rough with the tools. The next day after the paintings have dried you could make comments about how you like how the yellow looks so cheery, the red so bold, the blue and yellow making friends, …. don’t worry about making shapes or forms.

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