Ask a Waldorf Teacher: How Can I Inspire Reluctant Readers in the Classroom?

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Question from Member: I teach 30 second graders (15 boys/15 girls) and out of that class I have two reluctant readers (both boys). Do you have any suggestions for low level beginning books that might interest these two who love sports and humor? Thank you!

Response from Diane: Thanks for your question! For humor have you tried the Sam Cat and Nat Ray series by Shelley Davidow? They’re nature stories but humorous, written by a reading specialist to help emerging readers. I also thought that perhaps they could try to write or dictate a simple sports story for each other?


  1. im wondering why you would suggest them to create a sports story? Is this because they are boys? Neither of mine would have much interest in sports .

    • I usually edit these Q & A to fit a Q & A format whereas during the chats they are usually more conversational. What Diane was replying to was that these boys had already expressed a specific interest in sports (as part of the previous conversation). So, a more general answer would be for the child to create a story based on their own interests.


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