Ask a Waldorf Teacher: How Can I Transition an Older Child into Waldorf Education?

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Question from Member: If I wanted to try to transition to a more Waldorf style of homeschooling with older children (13 and almost 11) – where would be most beneficial to start? I also am quite concerned with both of their handwriting, and suggestions on how to work on that at these ages in particular?

Reply from Diane: I would determine what grade to place them in so the stories line up with their development. Set up a weekly rhythm that includes movement, music, and handwork. Add foreign language if you can. Then, assess their personal needs (like polish their handwriting) and address those in afternoon classes: Additional math practice, typing/keyboard skills, form drawing (which can help with their handwriting), focused movement activities to address any issues, etc. Begin with a transition period to see what is working and what’s not and make adjustments.

For their handwriting, recorder, painting, using color pencils, knitting, crochet – all help with fine motor skills. Provide guides to assist with spacing, if that’s an issue. You could also have them work in a cursive workbook as review if either of them would like something like that. Have them read each other’s work and see where improvements in legibility come in. As they work on improving their skills, it’s always fun to look back at their own work a month back, six months back, a year back, to visually see their progress.


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