Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Is My Child’s Main Lesson Book OK?

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Question from Earthschooling Member: These are by my 6yo. Done by my example and by drawing along side him taking him through each step. I’m wondering if this looks typical compared to other kinders. How can I get him to slow down or is that even beneficial at this age? Second photo is also below…

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: Welcome! Just so I’m clear, are you doing the kindergarten curriculum or grade one with your 6yo?

ES Member: Yes kinder but we added lmnop to it also.

Diane: Thx Jessica for responding so quickly! For child in kinder at a Waldorf school, they would not be drawing and following instructions from the teacher. That would begin in grade one. There would be a time for drawing or supplies would be available during free play. A teacher may tell a story while drawing. Many times the children would do something similar but it was never required.

At this age, the best way to encourage him to slow down would be for you to talk (as you’re drawing) how slowly and carefully you’re making a line or shading in a section. His sense of imitation may be stirred and he may begin slowing down on his own.

ES Member: Thank you! I was afraid it was a bit much for him from what I was seeing. He has enjoyed it but just something seemed off. Glad you are available to offer this advice!

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