Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Retaining Information in Waldorf Education

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Question from Member: Any hints, tips, thoughts about children retaining the info that they are “learning”. – S.B.

Response from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: Retention – there are differences in temperament, grade level or age, low interest in subject and learning style of the child. I would first determine how the student learns the best – looking back, what has stuck & why. Can this be duplicated for other subjects? Has this changed over time? Do they not really understand the info or are they checking out when the info is being presented? If so, why? If they don’t understand, are we as teachers picking up on that and bringing the info in other ways to help retention? Are there any learning issues that are hindering or preventing retention? Is the student getting enough sleep, nourishing food, large muscle movement/exercise, outdoor time and free time to dream and do nothing? When we narrow down the reasons, we can then take steps to support the child.

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