Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Should I Be Concerned About Pencil Grip?

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Question from Member: How concerned would you be about pencil grip in a 9 year old (10 in September)? I tried to get a good picture but she became a bit more self conscious when I brought attention to it. She often writes/draws with her thumb cradling the pencil. Her handwriting is fine. – N.J.

Reply from Diane: I have a few questions for you: Is your daughter writing in print or in cursive? How is her stamina? Have you tried correcting her grip before?

N.J.: I have tried to correct her grip many times over the past few years but she seems set in her ways. She does some cursive, mostly print. Stamina seems fine.

Diane: At this point it is very difficult to change a grip, as you know. Will she be writing exclusively in cursive in the fall? You might take the time 7again to show her how to hold the pencil and flow with the cursive writing. You could also add form drawing exercises with her holding the pencil in the correct way and drawing the form very slowly.

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