Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Teaching Letters and Numbers in First Grade

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Question from Earthschooling Member:  I do have a question! We are doing the block method for 1st grade. I choose to do the math block first because of my son’s March bday. He really already knows his letters and stuff so he’s copying math verses in his main lesson book and doing great. My daughter will be a pure Waldorf child and i’m wondering if I run into this where i put the Alphabet block later in the year.. will that be wrong to have her copy verses? Would she only be doing numbers and not the words like three. – Lynda

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: Hi! I alternated math blocks with letter blocks. Within the alphabet blocks we would practice the letter. During December the vowels were presented. In the new year we were able to write words in both the math and alphabet blocks. We did leave room to go back into an early math ML book to write, for example, the word three.

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