Ask a Waldorf Teacher: Transitioning from Public/Private School to Homeschooling

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Question from Earthschooling Member: Hello Diane, Do you have any suggestions on how to help smoothly transition my son (almost 5yo) to homeschooling? He is currently attendinga Waldorf school and really likes it and all his friends there and his teacher. However for financial reasons we are changing to homeschooling. I want to make it as easy for him as possible. He has been at this Waldorf school for a year and a half. Thank you! – Megan P.

Answer from Waldorf Teacher Diane Power: Hi Megan! I would suggest keeping a similar rhythm-one that he’s familiar with from school, if possible. Example: painting day, baking day,etc.  Attend festivals and other events at his Waldorf school if you plan to stay in their community. He could continue his friendships with his classmates outside of class.
Reach out to other Waldorf homeschoolers in your area – creating or participating in a homeschooling community for socializing, festivals, guest teachers, sharing music/handwork classes, etc.  Embrace the change and he will follow your lead!
All the best in the new year!

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