Ava’s Gift – An Easter/Eostre Story

Last week a friend who helps rehab injured or abandoned wildlife posted a beautiful story on her Facebook page about some small rabbits she found and how she helped them find a new mama when their mother was killed. It was a story filled with the kindness of humans, the magic of serendipity, and the beauty of second chances.

And this week I received an update! The small bunnies are doing just great with their new mama and siblings. Here is a photo of them from one week ago…

It touched my heart so much that I wanted to write a story based on her experience. So I posted on my Facebook page for an artist to illustrated the story, wrote the story and then hoped for the best. I was so lucky to find someone who was able to get the images done within a week so I could spend some hours arranging them into a book to share with you all.

Please enjoy our free Easter/Eostre story – Ava’s Gift (named after my friend who saved the bunnies)…


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