Big Holiday Giveaway!

We will be giving away 3-4 items a week from the pictures on this BLOG from today until December 18th, 2013 (hopefully the items we send on the 18th will arrive by the 25th!). To enter in the running for one of the prizes you need to make a comment on this BLOG post mentioning what your favorite thing on our website is. We will then select, at random, two people each week. Once selected you will get to choose what you want from the pictures (that are not already chosen) and we will send it to you! Once you make a comment you are automatically entered in ALL of the drawings so you have a lot of chances to win!

handmade purseColorfulWool

Alpaca Wool
Assorted Bills
DragonBills FairyBillshandmade Scarf Jade Bracelet Music Books TicTacToe ToddlerToys UnicornBillsWoodOwl


  1. I absolutely love the video content on your website. It has demystified aspects of artistic components of Waldorf Education, and made it accessible! :):)

    Jenny Sokalski
  2. What I love about the website it that you have much more than just the curriculum content. I have found the language sections, healing for kids along with several others to be both incredible interesting and a wonderful bonus that I can bring to my family.

    Meaghan Jackson
  3. I love all aspects of the curriculum – the videos, the files for the grade, the FB site and all the sharing that is done on that page. So glad I found out about Earthschooling!

    christa franke
  4. Wow.y favorite thing. That is so very hard. I am a member of Earth Schooling and the Avicenna Institute as well as the Wildlife. Love them all. I guess I would have to say the wildlife for my daughters sake as she loves animals and I feel so blessed to be sharing this program with her as she grows as it is such a part if her Soul:) Although I love the wealth of information to be learned in my naturopathic studies. So hard to choose:)

  5. I absolutely love the video section. There are lots of topics, easy to navigate, and since I am a visual person, videos are so helpful if I can’t watch someone do/explain something in-person.

  6. Our son is enamored with birds of prey and is convince the red tailed hawk is one of his spirit animals….love the idea of the animal powers meditations!

  7. your products are outstanding. excellent website my children loved it all ! 🙂

  8. I love the rainbow roving!

  9. I love everything about the new website!! It has been so much easier to see and locate curriculum and pull the parts you need/want quickly. Thank you all so much for all the time spent reorganizing and moving the site over. Has been really exciting and continues to be as new things are completed all the time.

  10. I appreciate that your site supports the kind of lifestyle that I have chosen for my family.
    Thank you for having a giveaway and Happy Holidays!

    Leah Vines
  11. While I cannot afford to purchase all of the videos that you offer, I have enjoyed some of your free handwork videos. I teach Waldorf-inspired handwork classes to children and I actually learned a simple new way to cast on stitches from watching one of your videos. Thanks for putting so many great resources together in one place!

    Deb Cogan
  12. I love the all the videos! And the Herbs’ part. Thank you for making education so interesting. 🙂

    Rebecca Siau
  13. My favorite thing about the site is the attention to the different learning styles. As a visual learner, I appreciate all the videos. I have trouble learning hands-on type activities just by reading instructions. Having so many videos at my fingertips is amazing! I also love the support for the site. Any questions I’ve ever had have been answered promptly and with kindness.

  14. Thank you for your generosity and the beautiful and inspiring work you do. 🙂

  15. Thank you for doing this!!! I love your ebooks, I own many! They have been so helpful to me.

  16. My daughter is only two years old so I have yet to experience homeschooling (other than our daily rhythm and routine) but I do look forward to purchasing curriculum through your website once my daughter is old enough! If I had to choose right now my favorite thing about your website is that it offers teacher support which I am getting ready to utilize soon!

  17. My favorite part of the website is the Monthly Enrichment because I’m able to make each month/season special in different ways thanks to the great ideas given!

  18. Love the giveaway. I love the rainbow wool roving and the bracelet.

    • Oh what fun! I like your curriculum and lesson blocks. I have the first grade curriculum already, but my kids have gotten bigger and it is high time for me to make an upgrade. I’m really interested by the different blocks, because they’re such nice “turn key” packages 🙂

  19. 4 kiddos and I hope I win these much needed supplies!!!

    Carrie Lopez
  20. I could never pick just one thing. Earthschooling has made my life so much easier. I really do like the main lesson book samples and videos. It’s nice to have visual examples.

    Lynn Tatro
  21. I love the plethora of stories from all over the world I have to pick from in each grade. I LOVE, LOVE the video tutorials. Your curriculum is just enough hand-holding and just enough freedom to self-create.

  22. We are excited about venturing into a native american tangent during grade three next year and totem animals would fit right in like a glove.
    Your new website helps soooo much. From little ol New Zealand.

  23. Your work on the temperaments are (quality of) life-saving for my family. Thank you.

  24. I find your webinars really useful. As a mother of 2 waldorf-school going children and as an arts-based therapist, I feel supported with the content…Thank you!

    Vana G
  25. Oh, there is so much! I think that is my favorite — the wealth of information. I know that, with my oldest being a kindergartner, we have barely scratched the surface of all the material here. I ‘m so looking forward to diving in to more of it!

  26. i love the curriculum based on the islamic calendar!

  27. I love all the handwork, creativity and nature based learning that your curriculum offers!
    Thank you

    melissa fiori
  28. I love the way you publish things and write lesson, taking always in mind that the people who read/use them are from different cultures, religions, countries, and they are still great for everyone, everyone can use them, apply them, enjoy them!

    Claudia ordonez
  29. There have been so many beneficial changes to not only your website but the curriculum too. The organization of the website has been a great improvement. I will have to say that my favorite part of what you offer are the videos. Those have been the most helpful. You have done so much ~ Thank You!

  30. I have been using the curriculum for some time. So happy upper grades are being added!

  31. We love the wood toys!!!

    DeAnna Collins-Ellyson
  32. I am very interested in the animal powers book. My first grader is having fun with earthschooling curriculum this year! So many fun stories and integrated projects!

    Carla Carey
  33. My favorite thing is two-fold….the vast selection of ebooks and their reasonable prices. Thanks for making them accessible and giving us the opportunity to tailor our children’s education to them.

  34. You are an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do!

  35. Thank you for all that you do! You work is amazing!

  36. I love all the wonderful free content that you so generously share.!

    Michelle Emery
  37. I love the variety and depth of information available! Especially temperament and healing info. Thank you!

    Janel Lippy
  38. We’d be happy to receive anything. What fun gifts. 🙂

    Candee Edwards
  39. We would love to have any of these beauties under our tree!

    angela nieves
  40. Hi there!
    We currently use a lot of your materials, but by far our favorite is the Grade 3 math. My daughter loves the Song of Amergin and the tree calendar lesson. We would love to try the animal meditation kit! Take care!

  41. Oh what fun! I like your curriculum and lesson blocks. I have the first grade curriculum already, but my kids have gotten bigger and it is high time for me to make an upgrade. I’m really interested by the different blocks, because they’re such nice “turn key” packages 🙂

  42. I love how everything you offer is in line with everything we hold up as valuable. I especially like the videos you offer to instruct me in the ways to help my children with their lessons and projects. We are really interested in the animal meditations. We love meditating together, it has really helped our whole family. 🙂

  43. What content! The new website organizes it perfect! Thank you
    For the providing such an amazing resource!

    Andi Black
  44. Hello: I have yet to purchase your products but I have been looking at the seasonal curriculum – I believe it is an enhancement series as I can not fully educate my children because of my circumstances as a sinkage parent (which I saw you had resources for this as well- which is awesome- but it is hard to afford education with one income). With that said, I’d like to someday purchase your seasonal enhancement package and take a look, it sounds great! I also love the power animal meditations gift you have listed here, I’ve never heard of this and sounds interesting!

    Amber Smith
  45. I love the content, curriculum, and social media connections that support learning and growth.

    Jennifer Hoover
  46. I absolutely love the teacher materials. I have learned so much about how to bring the lessons and what have you not. Clearly I love the whole curriculum, it is totally completely, but the teacher materials helped me the most. I am very grateful for those.

  47. I like a few tabs in the FREE section… the Waldorf 101 has been great to send to folks as an explanation. I love all the different categories about holidays, festivals and temperaments. Thank you!!

    Abby Baxter
  48. My favorite thing is the access to the wonderful vintage books!

  49. Just like many others, there are so many things I love about the new website, it is difficult to know where to start.
    I would first point out to the ease of navigation with a more intuitive interface with direct links to what we need (Walforf 101 and videos being my favourite…).
    I also love the “Join Us” section which makes us feel part of the Bearth Institute in many different ways 🙂

  50. I love that you have a family curriculum package. I’m saving up to buy it!

  51. Being new to homeschooling (starting next week!) I really appreciate the Free section on your website! I have read many of the articles and watched a couple videos… these are the things that have helped inspire me to make the leap into homeschooling for my family! I have already purchased one of the Nature Wildlife curriculums and can’t wait to explore it with my boys! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    Love from the Heartland~ C

    Catherine Martin
  52. We love Earthschooling/ The Bearth Institute. We sadly left a Waldorf school and we feel our children are receiving a comparable if not better education with Earthschooling.

    That unicorn money is so much fun! And we always love wooden figures. You really can’t get enough of them for pretend play and homeschooling! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Holidays!

  53. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  54. My favorite thing on the website? Well, that’s a tough one, but I suppose the Lifetime/Family Members Curriculum page would have to be it!! 🙂
    Thank you for this opportunity, and wishing everyone a blessed Advent and Holiday season! 🙂

  55. The videos are great 🙂

    Angela Brancato Lang
  56. I love that you offer such quality homeschool curriculum for my budget! Being able to buy one lesson block at a time really helps me out too. I am very grateful for all that you offer mahalo nui loa!!!

  57. I like the instructional videos.

  58. I love everything about your site and so do my grandchildren.

  59. Besides the content of your curriculum, I love the planning video.

  60. I love everything about all your offerings. Thank you for all you do! I feel you offer a wonderful service to every aspect of homeschooling with clear instructions to get organized and how to share with children. Thank you!

  61. I love that you offer individual blocks so we can pick and choose what we want to purchase. These gifts are fabulous! Thanks for running this giveaway!

    anna s.
  62. Thank you for all the effort that you have put into this site and the variety of offerings. I am a very new customer and I must comment on your outstanding and immediate customer service. Thank you for taking the time to care! P.S. had one of those marble tick-tac-toe games as a child and was flooded memories upon seeing it above…

  63. My favorite thing about your website has to be the videos – for someone who learns by watching rather than reading instructions, it makes it so much easier for me to pass on that information to my children.

  64. I am a lifetime member, and I love the curriculum for my 1st grader, the videos, the stories from all over the world and all of the wonderful ideas that come from your website.

  65. I love the videos!! It’s wonderful to be able to have such a resource right at my fingertips!!

  66. Name my favorite item? I don’t know if I have the ability to pick just one! I stumbled across your page a while back when I was on a man hunt for a system of education that backed up what we already did. We are a farm family and my son learned math by counting the animals when they go up for the Night. He learned to have a great respect for the predators , even when they encroach on our land with our livestock. He learned that they were here first, and truly – we are the trespassers. I believe that all we need to learn, we can learn from the world around us and THIS PLACE…this seemed to be the only place who completely backed the underlying respect and understanding of the world around us that I find so very important. I guess if I had to pick one thing, it would have to be Wildlife Education. – Thank you for being an amazing recourse for all of us in the wilds abroad.


  68. The videos look amazing! Can’t wait to dive into them!

  69. My favorite thing about the website is the stories. I love seasonal and holiday inspired themes and the stories that accompany them are always beautiful, educational, and interesting.

  70. The videos, the positive inspiration on your fb page, the giveaways lol. Thank you so much.

  71. I love it all!!!!

    Cheryl R
  72. I am a member of both earthschooling and Avicenna; I love the conversational tone of everything, and that it is easy to understand while still using an excellent vocabulary. It’s a great balance! I also love all the supplementary products available; the wool roving looks lovely.

  73. Our first week’s winners are: Claudia Ordonez, Jackie and Rebecca Siau – please e-mail me at: with your address and three choices of what you would like with your favorite first (just in case one of you chooses the same thing). We will send them on Friday!

  74. The animal powers meditation kit is incredibly intriguing. What a fine selection of items!

    Jamie Grettum
  75. I adore all of the amazing video resources. So helpful! Thanks for the fun giveaway. <3

  76. I love the video content!

  77. Thank you for all of the fun and inspiring content I am so excited about the Giveaways!

  78. Love the video section and everything else you offer! Thanks for all you do..

    Tammy MacIsaac
  79. I love that your website is friendly and inviting for those of us new to homeschooling and Waldorf. Thank you for making it feel like it is possible!

  80. My favorite thing is the wildlife section. ♥♥♥ I really love the whole site. I am starting a new beginning for my children with earthschooling techniques. I am excited and lost at the same time. But I feel this is the right path for my family of 6. Blogs like yours help us achieve the best earthschooling results!!!!

  81. I love your blog, my favorite thing is all the different ideas and information that you have. Your blog has helped me so much with the planning of my sons daily schedule 🙂

  82. Think the quotes that your page posts are thought provoking.

  83. love it all :}

  84. I appreciate very much the ideas that come from your articles and videos to inspire me at those points when my imagination is sluggish.

    My favorite thing, though, are your enrichment ideas. I look through them at least once a week. Thank you, thank you!

  85. Our winners this week are Molly, Janel Lippy, Joyce and Cami! (Since not everyone provided a last name I have replied to each of your comments above so you know it is you). I have also posted instructions on how to claim your item. – Kristie

  86. I love all the wonderful stories that your curriculum offers. With 4 kids, I have had plenty of stories to keep it interesting over the years. 🙂

  87. I love watching the videos and listening to the audio files. It really helps to bring it all to life for me.

  88. I love that this site supports me as a parent. I always feel inspired to be the best me, I always feel supported where I am. Thank you!

  89. The new website is FABULOUS! It’s so easy to find my course materials and it just ‘feels’ more academic. Thank you for all the time and effort it takes to make it easier to interact with the school, and for all you do.

  90. I love the teacher support materials because while I believe this is a superior way to learning, it’s not the way I learned and I need all the help I can get.

    Linda Simon
  91. What I love most about the site is the e-books. They are so inspiring even just to look at. It makes me excited to eventually learn all this stuff!

  92. Love the Bearth Institute and all these lovely items. Please choose me! I’m a fan!

    Thanks for such a fun contest!

    Happy Holidays!

    Charong Chow
  93. I so love all the brilliantly, wonderful magic you create! : )

  94. This is very nice & heart warming 🙂 Kayla loves every wooden toy.

    Forouzan Grigsby
  95. I love the natural medicine learning tools and the co op memberships

  96. We are new to earthschooling and our school year has this year has finished for the summer holidays and christmas. I am so thrilled to have come across EarthSchooling Curriculum. It is by far the most detailed and not to mention always being updated of any other the other curriculums that I have looked at. I really love all the videos and the extra books and courses that you can also add to my collection. But if you could also just use the curriculum and it has everything. So much work and such a collaborative effort. It is awesome. I also really love the idea of becoming a lifetime member… Which I have.. Great work Kristie and Team it is fantastic.

    Deborah Neale
  97. The best thing is the Medicine of Avicenna of course. Each unit is packed full of interesting information and facts relating to Islamic Medicine. There is absolutely nothing else so in depth available on Islamic medicine on the internet ( and i have been searching for quite a while)! I am so grateful to the Bearthinsitute for making such a course available. I absolutely love this course…. my main objective now is to learn and get as much understanding of this course as possible. For me, it has been like finding a gold mine…as this is something I have been wanting to do for years! So thank you once again.

  98. Our final winners are (in order of comments above): Meaghan, Jenna, Deb Cogan, Monica, Jackie, Lynn Tatro, Kristina, Diana, Abby Baxter, Christy Barringer, Deborah Neale and Saima. I am SOOO glad we did this randomly because it would have been really really hard to choose favorite comments. THANK YOU to everyone for participating and for the wonderful comments you left! – Kristie


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