Candycane-icorn Falls Into the Hot Chocolate: A Knitting Story

Ever since I made this little gal she has been into everything in the house. Perhaps that is why I have had a hard time adopting her out. But I don’t have time to go into all the trouble she has gotten into! I will just share with you what she did last week.

Candy – as I call her for short – actually loves the snow. She loves everything Christmas – all year around – snow, red and green, pine treets, gifts, anything that reminds her of the holidays. Her favorite food is candy canes, of course. We go through about ten boxes of candy canes a month when she is around.

But last month she discovered a new favorite food – marshmallows. I don’t know how she found out where I hid them. She must have been peeking in the window one day when we were making hot chocolate? All I know is that one morning I woke up and she had her head in a cup of hot chocolate (she barely missed getting chocolate all over her lovely mane) and marshmallows.

“What are you doing????” I said. I was not in the best of moods. I had just woken up, it was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, I was looking forward to a peaceful breakfast while the kids were sleeping in – the last thing I needed to do was to deal with a unicorn on my breakfast table messing it up with chocolate and sticky marshmallows.

“I am eating snow!” replied Candy, very excited.

“Snow? You brought SNOW in the house?”

At this point I was a bit panicked. One never knows what will happen with a unicorn around and had no idea how MUCH snow she was capable of bringing into the house.

“Yes, this lovely, sticky sweet snow,” Candy smiled, “It tastes much better than the snow outside.”

She was talking about the marshmallows.

“You have much better snow in here than we have outside. I am wondering what else is better in here? I see those pretty yellow birds you have in the cage – those are prettier than the sparrows we have outside. Do you have better trees and sky in here too?” Asked Candy.

“You don’t understand,” I replied, “This is not like outside – this is INSIDE – hint – where unicorns are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!”

Candy still didn’t understand.

“So your sky…it is white now. Is it always white or does it change colors at night? And your trees – they are all silver and brown and have cloth and hats hanging from them. Those are pretty. Your grass is interesting too. It is different colors in different parts of the house. But it does not taste good.”

I looked down and noticed a big hole in my carpet. I had thought my rabbit chewed that hole there, but now I realized who the real culprit was. I decided it would just be best not to try to explain things to her, but to use her ideas to help me get her back outside.

“The sky never changes color in here” I replied. It is always white. “We don’t have sparkly stars, or a shiny moon or a sunrise, or a sunset. The grass does not taste good and the trees are not good for climbing at all. It is much more fun outside.”

Candy put another mini marshmallow in her mouth and was silent for a while.

“I suppose you are right,” she sighed. “I think I will go live outside again. But can I take some marshmallows with me?”

And that is how I ened up sprinkling marshmallows on my front lawn every day at sunset. My neighbors think I am a bit crazy but I know it is the best thing. If I didn’t – who knows – I may wake up some morning and find a snowman in my livingroom or a unicorn in my kitchen cupboard.


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