Cautions in Aromatherapy

As many of you know our students range from beginners to professionals. One professional aromatherapist wanted to make sure that safety was emphasized in the aromatherapy lessons. Although we already mention that oils should never be used undiluted and that caution should be taken with pregnant women and children, one can never be too safe! More warnings and cautions are always welcome!

She shares, “This assignment calls for the use of “only essential oils” in their application.  The use of essential oils directly on the skin or internally in an undiluted form is highly dangerous, possibly leading to death.  Also, the mention of Raindrop Therapy as an application has not been cautioned to the student.  This therapy must be practiced by an individual with sound knowledge of the therapeutic principles and extreme care.  This therapy is also not considered safe by the medical community and should be highly cautioned and even contraindicated in the individual just beginning to study aromatherapy.”

We wanted to also emphasize that when we talk about “only essential oils” we are talking about the oil you use as a BASE. We use the term “only essential oils” to mean that we want all students to start with high quality essential oils and not diluted ones. We do not intend that students would think “only essential oils” means they should not dilute them. This only means that we do not want students to start their formulas with low quality oils, or already diluted oils. This is a very important distinction.

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