Continuity in Curriculum: Waldorf Curriculum: Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

As I was working on the final touches of the seventh grade curriculum last month it struck me how many times I said “Remember when you studied this in 3rd grade…” or “you can see how this history lesson relates to the math lesson we are doing this year…”

When I look through the Earthschooling curriculum from preschool to seventh grade I can FEEL the harmony pulsing through it. Just like many Waldorf teachers that take a class through many years together I’ve also written every lesson myself over the past 13 years and am able to relate this continuity to member teachers, parents and students.

Now YOUR child can experience this continuity of education with less effort from you! You can now choose to receive all of your materials instantly without any curriculum downloading. After you order your chosen grade I will send you instructions to install a program that many of you already use. Once this program is in place all of your e-books, videos and MP3s will “magically” appear in a file folder on your computer! Order your curriculum now from Earthschooling and get started on your magical and harmonious journey now!

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