The Value of Online Education

According to the latest studies, polls and news you should be studying online and working online (full-time or at least part-time). If you are not – you are probably not reaching your earning potential or furthering your career as efficiently as you could be.

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of information that I’ve been reading on this topic in the past few months alone. At The Avicenna Institute we have been aware of the benefits of online study and work for many years. We actually opened up our online courses at the request of our students! Our students have been aware of the benefits of online education for many years, too. So have the students at hundreds of other universities across the world and the millions of people that already work online – either full-time or as part of their job. However, the benefits of these tools, until now, have been largely ignored by mainstream media.

This is why I was pleasantly surprised when mainstream news source, Huffington Post, published an article called “We Need More Doctors Online” in September of 2013. The article talks about how consulting health care practitioners online is becoming increasingly popular and how the need is growing faster than health care professionals (doctors, naturopaths, herbalists, aromatherapists, homeopaths, health care writers bloggers, etc.) can keep up with it.

I thought to myself, “Well that is a nice article. I wonder how that ended up getting published?” So imagine how surprised I was in the following weeks when I continued to see the same kinds of articles – all over the mainstream media! PMLive published an article called, “The Rising Popularity of Online Doctors” in September, 2013. Shortly after I read more articles in the Huffington Post, New York Times, KCCI news and more. It seems everyone is jumping online with health-related services from a doctor offering online records and appointments to a major drug manufacturer offering medication online officially as a first in the drug industry.

And it is not surprising. Americans and people all over the world are demanding more online health services and information. According to Pew Internet, in fact, eight out of ten people with Internet access look up health information and services online. If you want to be blown away by what else they found out about the online health habits of Americans link to the full survey results HERE.

Combine this with the growing respect and popularity of online education (NBC, New York Times, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and many more) and you have a winning combination!

Toss in the fact that, “ The Average Student Debt Climbs To $29,400, Up 63 Percent In Less Than A Decade” (Huffington Post 12/4/2013) and you start to wonder why everyone is not online. To take an online course the average person pays only 15-30%  of this cost! And sometimes even less (when taking individual classes at The Avicenna Institute or taking individual classes for your MBA at work, etc.).

So join us online at The Avicenna Institute! We will train you in natural well-being and help you learn how to be successful online (or offline) with your new degree!

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  1. Just learning.

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