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Have you seen the NEW updates we have made in August 2020? These updates make the curriculum easier to use and even more engaging!

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1. NEW! Living Lessons!

We have been the leader in providing video teacher support to members for more than 25 years

Now that we have finished our Teacher Support section we are starting to add specific lessons to the curriculum. These lessons differ from our vast library of Teacher Support videos in that they are all lessons being taught by teachers TO YOU so you can use them as a great training tool or as a parent-child class experience to help you! So far we have Living Lessons for Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Sixth Grade with other grades coming soon!

If you purchase a curriculum package now you will gain and retain access to these Living Lessons for your grade for life. The cost will increase soon as these classroom lessons go above and beyond normal curriculum offerings.

2. NEW! Quick Curriculum Access Button!

You can access your curriculum with one click now!


3. Download the Year Instantly 

Once you log and go to your curriculum page the first thing you see at the very top now is an option to download all the curriculum for the year at one time. Once you do this you never need to visit the website again if you want to minimize screen time. This option is currently available for preschool through 4th grade and will be available soon for all other grades.

4. Cover Pages for the Curriculum

All our grades now have a beautiful cover page for you to download and use. With more being developed for each month.



5. Indexed PDFs with Table of Contents!

Our PDFs are all getting upgraded to indexed PDFs with a table of contents. This means that if you print out the curriculum you will have all your lessons for the month listed in order on 2-3 pages.

If you use your curriculum on a tablet or computer when you click on an item in the Table of Contents you will be taken directly to that verse, story, or activity!

So far we have these for preschool, KG, and G8 done in this manner. However, more are being done each week!

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6. Announcement Bars at the Top of Your Curriculum Page

Never miss a message or update about your curriculum!

Even if you are not on the forum and don’t have time to read the newsletters we always post announcements for each grade at the top of your first page now so you will never miss them!


7. NEW Start Here Page!

This page is designed to get you off to a solid start with a good foundation or to provide you with all the basic information you need in a sequential and organized manner on one page.

You can take time to go through this page before you start or you can keep coming back to it as you in small sessions.

This page provides you with more confidence knowing that you have all the basic teacher support, schedule, and introduction information you need in one place.


8. All Your Navigation on One Page

Everything you have access to for your grade is now contained on one page so you don’t need to navigate around the website to find it or wonder what you have access to. All you need to do is log into your curriculum page and everything is on that one page now.


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9. Mp3s for Preschool, KG, and First Grade Stories

We now have mp3s for all the preschool, kindergarten, AND first grade stories!

We originally started creating these at the request of our deaf and blind parents and also our parents who have English as a second language. 

However, other parents are finding them useful as well and some are even using them as family listening time or bedtime stories.

We will continue until we finish all the grades. It is exciting that kindergarten and first grade are on board as well now!

10. Zoom Calls Five Times a Year!

Every member can sign up for one or all of our Zoom calls we do in August, October, January, April, and June! These are LIVE in-person calls where you can meet other members, connect with us, ask questions, share ideas and get help with anything you need help with!


11. All Grades Have Daily Planners Now!

All our grades preschool through 8th now follow an ‘open and go’ Daily Planner format. Lesson block are also included as a second option. You receive both options when you purchase the curriculum. The high school program is a student-led portal experience.

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